Friday, April 29, 2011

The Adventures aboard our Luxury Yachts

We offer a variety of options for any type of celebration or style.

Have you dreamed of spending your weekends in the middle of the ocean, feeling the breeze, and having days of total relaxation? Do you want to celebrate your anniversary or special occasion as a star? Invite your customers to thanks for the good deal just made. Did you ever want to own a yacht but not having to deal with maintenance, gas, storage?

Take a charter for a sunny day close to the beaches or have a private dinner navigating under the moon and admiring the night lights of the city.

Miami By Night (or sunset)

What can be more romantic than cruising the beautiful Biscayne Bay at Night? Sit back and relax as our captains take through the Bay for some breathtaking views of Miami. Cruise by the downtown, and the infamous Miami Bayside.
Plan for: 2-4 Hours

Islands of Rich and Famous

Miami is the home to most of the celebrities. Take a cruise along some of the most beautiful private islands and mansions of rich and famous. Admire Palm Island, Star Island, Hibiscus Island, six gorgeous Venetian islands, and of course the Fisher island (pictured on the photo).
Plan for: 2-4 Hours

Cape Florida, Light House, and No Name Harbor

Located at the southern end of Key Biscayne is Cape Florida - a natural oasis with beautiful beaches, sea grass-studded dunes, blue-green waters, and plenty of native plants and trees. It is a favorite spot for boaters. Explore the miles of some of the country's most beautiful beaches, experience the natural tropical habitat, see the lighthouse, or have a snack at the No Name Harbor's restaurant, and enjoy beautiful views of the south Florida waters.
Plan for: 4-8 Hours

Dinner on the Water

This is a very popular option among our guests. Simply enjoy your dinner (or lunch) on the water. We will be happy to cater for you, arrange for your private chef or take you to a beautiful water front restaurant.
Plan for: 4 Hours

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is known by it sandy shores. South Beach, primarily, is one of the most talked-about beachfronts in America! Take a cruise along this beautiful, white, and bathed by warm blue waters, beach.
Plan for: 2-6 Hours

Key Biscayne and Virginia Key

Key Biscayne (and Virginia Key) is a major island in Biscayne Bay. It's known by its beautiful beaches, golf courses, and and it's natural tropical habitat. Take a cruise and see the beauty of the islands from the water.
Plan for: 4 Hours

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